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Cyber Law Update February 2009 - Issue no. 2


Russia engaged in cyber war with neighboring countries

This January marked “the third successful cyberattack against a country” — when suspected Russian attackers distributed a denial of service attack that overwhelmed three of the four Internet service providers in Kyrgyzstan, disrupting Internet access, reports DefenseTech. Published in

Chinese Hackers Attack U.S. Computers, Thompson Says

Chinese government and freelance hackers are the primary culprits behind as many as several hundred daily attacks against U.S. government, electric-utility and financial computer networks, a senior congressman said.

“Sophisticated hackers could really wreak havoc on our financial systems if they were successful,” House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson said in an interview. The threat is “primarily from China.”

China’s Denial

Wang Baodong, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the U.S., denied that the Chinese government was attacking U.S. computer systems. Published in Bloomberg

Cyber-crime cases hit record high in Japan in 2008

The police across Japan uncovered 6,321 cases of Internet-related or cyber crime in 2008, up 15.5% from the previous year and the highest number since comparable data became available in 2000, a National Police Agency survey showed Thursday. The figure represented a threefold jump from 2,081 cases recorded in 2004. Published in Japan Today

Cyber terrorists learn how to take advantage of cyberspace

The U.S. government and armed forces need to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes required for cyber-strategic leaders. And that next generation of leaders needs to understand the cyber environment.

Beginning in 1988 with the infamous "Morris Worm" attack, cybersecurity has grown in importance along with the degree of reliability the United States and other nations have placed on the cyber domain. Published in UPI

Obama orders review of cyber security

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama on Monday ordered a 60-day review of the nation's cybersecurity to examine how federal agencies use technology to protect secrets and data. Published in Google

Nigeria: That Delay on Cyber Crime Law is Dangerous

Internet-based attacks and crimes are increasing in Nigeria as 'greedy' criminals continue to steal data from businesses and individuals.

The sad story however is government's attitude to curb the menace. IT World's Zakariyya Adaramola, wrote on the implications of the delay to act fast on the criminals. Published in All Africa

IBM Report: Threat Scores Should Give Weight to the Economics of Cyber-crime

With the number of Web-based threats and vulnerabilities growing, IBM X-Force is recommending that the security industry rethink how it ranks vulnerability threats--how easily an attack can be monetized and to what degree should be components of vulnerability scoring.

IBM’s X-Force is pushing for a reprioritization of security threats. Published in eWeek

Data Breaches Costing Customers, Not Just Money

A study by the Ponemon Institute found the average cost of data breaches - from detection to notification to lost business - is rising. The No. 1 cost to companies is lost business, which now accounts for 69 percent of total costs.

Data breaches are costly, and they are not getting any cheaper – particularly breaches due to third parties. Published in eWeek

Browsing child porn will land you in jail

The newly passed Information Technology Bill is set to make it illegal to not only create and transmit child pornography in any electronic form, but even to browse it. The punishment for a first offence of publishing, creating, exchanging, downloading or browsing any electronic depiction of children in "obscene or indecent or sexually explicit manner" can attract five years in jail and a fine of Rs 10 lakh. Published in Times of India

Cyber Crime can Kill

"It's dangerous in 'Cyberville,'" Banks said.Peter Banks, 17 year veteran of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, was a presenter at DMACC's Cyber Crime Awareness Conference last Saturday. Banks said that "Cyberville," as he calls it is a place where anyone with malintent has access to 30 million sites where children are exploited. Banks said that there are 600,000 registered sex offenders in America. He said that the center receives about 2000 calls a week on suspicions of the usage of child pornography, the luring of children, and child exploitation. Published in Campus Chronicle

Cracking down on cyber crime tough for experts: IGP

MANGALORE: "It is too technical! I bet half your police constables there did not understand a word of what you said", these words by a law degree student to M K Nagaraj, inspector general of police (Anti- Terrorist Cell) put the focus of a one-day workshop on cyber law for police personnel in its right perspective. Cracking down on cyber crime, Nagaraj admitted is sometimes difficult even for experts in this new area of white-collar crime. Published in Times of India

Don't Fall Victim To Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is on the attack, and it can happen to anyone.

That was the message at a day-long exercise addressing cyber-security. Published in Kfox TV

3 men charged with 'cyber flashing'

DETROIT (AP) — Authorities say three Saginaw-area men have been arrested after exposing themselves online to Wayne County sheriff's deputies posing as teenage girls.

Information from: The Saginaw News, and published in

Schools battle the bullies

…."Cyber-bullying presents unique challenges to schools because once something is put out on the Internet, it has the power to become available to the entire school and more," said Martha Turner, a counselor at Robious Middle School. "Before the Internet, bullying took the form of gossip, verbal or physical harassment." Published in Times Dispatch


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