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Cyber Law Update October 2008 - Issue no. 11


Major Attacks on the Rise

Crooks and spies using the Internet to commit crimes against U.S. businesses and to attack government networks are getting more sophisticated, and the increasing number of such crimes not only impacts the economy but threatens national security. Published in FBI

FBI warns of increased cyber crimes

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has warned that citizens and nations alike have increasingly become victim to cyber crime in the past year, costing tens of millions of dollars and threatening US security.
According to a report in New Scientist, FBI assistant director Shawn Henry said that as many as two dozen countries have taken an aggressive interest in penetrating the networks of US companies and government agencies. Published in ThaiIndia

Cyber Crime Rates on the Rise in the UK

Britain had witnessed soaring cyber crime rates in 2007, reveals an online identity firm.

The report has shown that cyber crime in the UK rose by more than 9 percent in 2007. Published in MedIndia

Stark warning over cyber attacks on UK businesses

Sustained cyber espionage attacks are being waged on companies that play a key role in the U.K. national infrastructure, a U.K. cyber defense chief has warned.

The computer systems of critical businesses in the United Kingdom, such as power companies and large financial institutions, are being repeatedly probed to steal information or uncover weaknesses that could take them down. Published in ZDnetAsia

Cyber Security and the “financial meltdown”

“We are experiencing a financial meltdown due to a fundamental misunderstanding and mismanagement of modern financial systems, which is generating a crisis of confidence in our core institutions. Today, all our critical infrastructures are reliant on cyber systems that are also misunderstood and mismanaged. These vulnerabilities place both our financial and physical security in jeopardy unless we update the method we use to control our cyber systems,” said Larry Clinton, president of the Internet Security Alliance (ISA). Published in TalkRadioNews

Cyber security threats grow in sophistication, subtlety

The annual report from Georgia Tech Information Security Center identifies five evolving cyber security threats, and the news is not good.

GTISC interviewed a range of industry security experts to explore the threats and the available countermeasures. The five are malware, botnets, cyber warfare, threats to VoIP and mobile devices, and the "evolving cyber crime economy."

In all five areas, attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, increasingly subtle, and increasingly adept at exploiting new Web developments, such as the rise of social network sites. Industry and government need to become equally concerted and sophisticated to contain these threats if the Internet is to be a trusted communications medium. Published in ComputerWorld

IT security guide: Understanding cyber-risks means knowing what questions to ask
New guide gives CFOs 50 questions about cyberthreats to ask various department heads

A good place for senior executives to start in trying to understand their companies' financial exposure to cyberthreats is by getting an overall assessment — not just from IT, but also from business units and corporate operations such as the human resources, legal and public relations departments.

That piece of advice is contained in an information guide that the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) jointly released today in an effort to help high-level execs prepare for the financial implications of possible cyberattacks. Published in Computer World

To curb cyber crimes, software to be certified

To curb the growing menace of cyber crimes in the country, Union Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will set up the first ever Indian accreditation facility for software in Kolkata. B J Srinath, senior director of Indian Computer Emergency Response Team under the IT ministry, said: “The accreditation facility will be the first-of-its-kind in India and will accredit the security aspects of software developed by companies.” Published in Indian Express

Corporates should gear up for cyber security audit: Debesh Das

Corporate entities should gear up for cyber security audit by independent agencies in line with financial audit in order to rein in cyber crime.

"We should never neglect the cyber security issue. This should be top priority. Corporates should brace themselves for cyber security audit in line with financial audit," West Bengal Information Technology Minister Debesh Das said today. Published in Economic Times

Computer Monitoring Software and Data Recovery Tools Provide Cyber Security

Pandora (News - Alert) Corp, a manufacturer of personal computer (PC) monitoring software and recovery tools, recently announced that data recovery tools and computer monitoring software will be two good resources for the cyber security awareness month.

In order to remind PC owners about the importance of Internet protection, antivirus software, password and firewall strengths, October is celebrated as cyber security awareness month. This will help in reminding the PC owner about the active steps that need to be taken so as to prevent one from becoming a victim of phishing scams, cyber attacks and identity thefts. Published in TMCnet

Report: Russian Hacker Forums Fueled Georgia Cyber Attacks

An exhaustive inquiry into August's cyber attacks on the former Soviet bloc nation of Georgia finds no smoking gun in the hands of the Russian government. But experts say evidence suggests that Russian officials did little to discourage the online assault, which was coordinated through a Russian online forum that appeared to have been prepped with target lists and details about Georgian Web site vulnerabilities well before the two countries engaged in a brief but deadly ground, sea and air war. Published in Washingtonpost

Teenage hacker admits Scientology cyber-attack

A teenager hacker has admitted carrying out a cyber attack that crashed Church of Scientology websites as part of a campaign by a mysterious underground group, justice officials said Friday. Published in AFP

Cyber Police Bust 'Fraudsters'
An alleged internet fraud ring is busted as police shut down a website which apparently shared stolen credit card information.

Cyber crime is on the rise as more people shop online
Sixty people across the globe have been arrested in connection with the "Darkmarket" website, including Britons from Leicester, Manchester, Humberside, South Yorkshire and London. Published in Sky News

Cyber crime flourishes in the absence of law

Darakhshan Police are investigating a cyber crime, but interestingly without any technical expertise or experience. The case was lodged by a female complainant and pertained to obnoxious phone calls, SMS’s and emails received on her cell-phone as well as private and office email IDs. Published in

Nigeria: Senate Considers Bill Against Cyber Crime

The Senate yesterday referred a Bill for an Act to outlaw perpetration of financial crimes through such electronic devices as mobile phones, internet and the Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) to its Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters. Published in All Africa

Feds indict international cyber crook accused of $1.7m ATM spree

Hack resume lists Pentagon, NASA, Hamas
An international cyber criminal with a resume that includes breaking into computers maintained by NASA, the Pentagon, the Israeli parliament, and Hamas has been indicted in New York for conspiracy and fraud involving access devices. Publihsed in The Register

Spurned woman ‘kills’ cyber hubby

A JAPANESE woman has been arrested for the cold- blooded murder of her husband – in cyberspace.
The 43-year-old woman, identified as Mayumi Tomari, from the Miyazaki prefecture in southern Japan, was outraged that her virtual husband divorced her character in an online game, Maple Story. Published in Dispatch

Cyber Thieves

Thieves in today´s society aren´t coming in through the windows or doors anymore, now they keep their selves at a distance and are attacking their prey by using the technology that so many of us depend on in today´s society. The internet not only provides us with the comfort of performing our every day tasks but it has become a way of life. Published in American Chronicle

WA schoolchildren tell of poisonous cyber bullying

Edith Cowan University researchers found that 10 per cent of Year Nine and 10 students had been bullied using digital technology. Published in

Dutch cyber-bullies punished

TWO TEENAGE toughs have been convicted of theft for stealing virtual goods in an online computer game world and punished by a Netherlands court.

The Dutch yoofs, 14 and 15 years old, apparently bullied a 13-year-old boy into giving them a virtual amulet and a virtual mask within the online adventure game Runescape. Published in The Inquirer

Man caught viewing child porn in cyber cafe has sentence adjourned

A POLISH man who was caught looking at child pornography in an internet cafe, leading to the discovery of more than 1,000 images in his home, has had his sentence adjourned for six months to allow further interaction with the Probation Services. Published in Irish Times

Andover couple cuffed on cyber attack charges

An Andover couple arrested while jogging today is accused of launching a cyber attack against their neighbors – from reportedly signing them up for a nudist group to filing false reports to child welfare workers about their kids, prosecutors charged today. Published in Boston Herald


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